Squareclose Brogue


Welped and imported from Scotland in 2007 Piper is from Squareclose Tarquin x Clodahill Angie.  Notable dogs in his pedigree include IR FT CH Millshadow Aster, FT CH Sunnybrea Siskin and IR FT CH Badgercourt Warlord.

Piper has an excellent nose and is fast paced worker, as well as a terrific swimmer.

Silverthorn Emma 

Emma is from FC AFC Wise River's MacDougal x FC Blue Pheasant's Red Rouge.  Other notable dogs in her pedigree include FT CH Badgercourt Druid.  She is CERF Normal and OFA good. 

Emma is a fantastic retriever, with a great nose. She is bidable with a thrilling pace, while still  being a close worker and terrific game finder. She is wonderful to have around the house.

Worspan Nobelman

Welped in 2012, Spencer is the newest addition to Silverthorn Gundogs and is from Rosebay Sam x Cumbergrove Salcot Breeze. Notable dogs in his pedigree include, FT CH Clarburgh Art, FT CH Kettlestang Comet and FT CH Moonreed Flush.

He is very personable, a bit of a clown and a lot of fun to have in our home.  A good game finder, he can also go at a steady pace for a full day of hunting.