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Squareclose Brogue


Gone but not forgotten, Piper was welped and imported from Scotland in 2007.   Piper was from Squareclose Tarquin x Clodahill Angie.  Notable dogs in his pedigree included IR FT CH Millshadow Aster, FT CH Sunnybrea Siskin and IR FT CH Badgercourt Warlord.

Piper had an excellent nose and was a fast paced worker, as well as a terrific swimmer.  He is missed.

Silverthorn Emma 

Gone but not forgotten, Emma was from FC AFC Wise River's MacDougal x FC Blue Pheasant's Red Rouge.  Other notable dogs in her pedigree include FT CH Badgercourt Druid.  She is CERF Normal and OFA good. 

In her day she was a fantastic retriever, with a great nose.   Below is a of her in her prime.

Worspan Nobelman

Welped in 2012, Spencer is from Rosebay Sam x Cumbergrove Salcot Breeze. Notable dogs in his pedigree include, FT CH Clarburgh Art, FT CH Kettlestang Comet and FT CH Moonreed Flush.

He is very personable, a bit of a clown and a lot of fun to have in our home.  A good game finder, he can also go at a steady pace for a full day of hunting.

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